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If you're a business leader or senior manager looking to skyrocket performance...

So that you can become the leader that you always dreamt of becoming (the sort of leader who drives improvement through your organisation, and helps teams win and become successful)...

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Darren Walsh
Making Lean Work

How will this work?

In just one short call, you’ll get more clarity and confidence in reaching your performance goals and making lean and continuous improvement work than most business leaders will learn in a lifetime.

Depending on your maturity, I'll help you:


Establish the right improvement approach

for your needs as an organisation or team


Quickly find, frame & fix any problem half the time


Create an environment for change

so leaders and team members have time to get the right things done


Improve team consistency & performance

and establish a system to drive improvement through the business


Streamline processes

to exceed customer requirements and drastically improve business performance


Adopt highly effective leadership routines

that help leaders and managers to lead in an improvement environment


Effectively manage strategic plans

to align your organisation's resources around the vital few objectives required to meet strategic goals


Lock in the savings

by ensuring that new products, people and services are born lean


Learn about the thinking that makes improvement techniques work

and eliminate firefighting and stubborn recurring problems for good

Our Results...

We've helped numerous leaders and senior managers like you in multi-site organisations to create a sustainable improvement culture and skyrocket their business performance...

"We have improved our output across all areas of our manufacturing plant by over 50% and we are developing a culture of solving recurring problems at the right level - from senior management to operator."

Ewan Reed

Operations Director, Technip FMC

"Darren helped us understand the concept and mindset of Lean philosophy and map our Lean journey, focusing on Value Creation. Applying these tools delivered step change on Waste elimination. The site reached +10% pts efficiency improvement in 2 years, and Associate Engagement increased, resulting in operational excellence."

Gabor Szabo

Site Director, MARS Petcare

"Darren helped us modify our lean behaviour, resulting in performance figures of >20% OEE improvement, >99% delivery performance on time and in full (while maintaining zero defects) and, more importantly, the recognition of the customer."

Matt Appleton

UK Operations & Improvement Manager, MANN+HUMMEL LTD

"Darren helped us develop a clearer path for the steps we should take and how to avoid the all too common pitfalls. We were able to deepen our understanding of the thinking behind the tools, and work on the right setup to create a culture of continuous improvement, and improve our service, TAT and business performance."

Michael Vellinga

Global Improvement Leader, DLL Financial Services

"Darren quickly identified gaps in the thinking behind the improvement tools, techniques and management system, which led to improved output by >50% from 22K to 36K units per week, whilst freeing up 180 people for new projects, and improved output from 37 to >95 products per person, saving >$20million."

Karl Lloyd

Former Supply Chain Manager, Boston Scientific

Ewan Reed
Operations Director, Technip FMC

"Technip FMC is a leading technology provider to the traditional and new energies industry. We have been on a lean/CI journey for over 10 years; our processes and systems had matured to the level of operating obeyas and a good level of visual management.

Despite our maturity, we struggled to tackle recurring problems across our value chain that were ultimately impacting our ability to consistently meet our production/customer commitments.

Darren Walsh helped us develop a deeper understanding of the thinking behind the lean tools and linkages in our visual management systems. He has helped us embed a series of management routines that have enabled us to build and maintain our standards.

Today we have improved our output across all areas of our manufacturing plant by over 50% and we are developing a culture of solving recurring problems at the right level - from senior management to operator."

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